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 ...fabricantes (abastecimientos puntuales en base a sus incentivos) Desarrollos y RPAs Facturación consignación, inventario/ modelo Pull Gestión de: Logísticas inversas Comité de Abastecimiento Inventario retail Pedidos Das, CAVS y Otros Canales... 


Quito, Quito (canton)
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 ...familiar with OWASP Top 10 web app security risks and know how to avoid and mitigate them. You can assess the security implications of a pull request or an architectural decision. You are familiar with MySQL or PostgreSQL and have experience with their quirks, weak spots... 


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 ...apparatus including work on the utility infrastructure. Perform corrective and preventive maintenance on pumps, pump seals, pump bearings, motors, motor bearings and blower fan bearings, shaft alignments and air compressors. May work in a team or independently, to clean... 
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 ...want The challenge of collaborating with business stakeholders and Product Managers to advocate for technology solutions while bearing in mind the tradeoffs for business results The responsibility of designing new architectures and being confident to justify your... 

Remote Team Solutions

14 dias atras new features or updates affect them. # Communication : You effectively communicate your progress, challenges, checklists, and pull requests, detailing them in Linear or GitHub PR descriptions to keep the rest of the team informed. Effective communication is... 


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 ...the Life ~“A day in the life might include …” ~ Implementing a new feature for the Plonky2 integration in rust ~ Reviewing open pull requests ~ Reviewing architectures for future projects ~ Researching a solution to a new problem   About the Team A... 

Way Solutions

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 ...acuerdo a los planos de zonificación. Alistar las cargas de los productos para el embarque. Realizar embarque con sistemas push and pull. Verificar el correcto funcionamiento del montacarga, revisando las cargas de baterías. Velar por el cuidado del montacargas. Apoyar... 


Posorja, Guayaquil (canton)
Hace 2 meses
 ...Requirements:   ️‍♂️ 1-3 years of experience in an analytics-focused role SQL and Excel expertise are required Experience pulling data from various sources and generating sophisticated Excel reports High attention to detail, stellar analytical skills, and... 

Prometeo Talent

Quito, Quito (canton)
15 dias atras company-wide all-hands meeting once a week. Otherwise you work at your own pace. We connect via Slack and Zoom, and use GitHub pull requests for code review. We will get you whatever computer / phone / tablet you see fit. Last and not least, you get to work... 

Bee Talents

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 ...that people can find in the region. Fisheries, banana plantations, seafood farms, building construction and mining industries are a pull factor that attracts the refugee and migrant population seeking protection and job opportunities. Additional Qualifications Skills... 

UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)

Guayaquil, Guayaquil (canton)
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